How To Get Non-surgical Double Eyelids

Duoble Eyelid Stitching

Double eyelids.. everyone wants them but we’re not all lucky enough to be born with them. Well fret not, there are some non-surgical double eyelids methods of achieving bigger eyes. But first, let’s discuss the basics.

Step 1 – Choose your preferred crease height

The first step is to know thyself. What is your preferred crease height? Also known as the double eyelids profile. The crease height is usually described as LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH. Ever see those toothpick-looking items with a twin pointed tip? You can get them at Sasa or any cosmetic utility store. To use it simply close your eyes, use the fork to fold your eyelids, then look straight and slowly reopen them. Ta-dah! Instant double eyelids!

eyelids glue

Notice that if you place the prong nearer to the lash line you will get a LOW profile. If you place the prong further away from the lash line you will achieve a HIGHER double eyelid profile. Experient and find your preferred profile height.

DIY with Eyelid Tape

You can them set them in place for the day with double eyelid tapes available at any beauty store such as Sasa, Sephora or even Watsons. Different eyelid heights give very different effects so use this method to try them all out first. TIP: High profiles (Level 4) tend to look unnatural for Singaporean women.

Now that you’ve tried that little girl’s method for 1-day double eyelids, and know the fold height you want, it’s time to become a real women and get it done permanently. There are 2 main options here so let’s start off with the more common one.

Double Eyelid Surgery

double eyelid

How do all Korean celebrities look so gorgeous? Well, almost all Korean celebrities go under the knife, and this is one of their mainstays: The Double Eyelid Surgery. The double eyelid surgery takes less than an hour to perform and around 4 weeks to heal to a level where you can comfortably step outside your house again. As this is a much more complicated procedure compared to the other 2 methods on this page, we have created a separate double eyelid surgery page where we go more into detail on the preparation, costs, downtimes and considerations involved.

DIY Double Eyelids

There is now an innovative way to get those big eyes you’ve dreamed of using a non-surgical double eyelids method! This means you don’t need this surgery to get your dream eyes. This has its pros and cons of course – while surgery gives double eyelids that are permanent or semi-permanent, the non-surgical approach isn’t as lasting.

Non-surgical Double Eyelids

non-surgical double eyelids

Finally, new to Singapore, there is now a clinic, Cambridge Medical Group, that offers a unique Italian method for creating double eyelids without surgery. Non-surgical double eyelids didn’t exist in Singapore before this and they are believed to be one of the only few who can do this. From what we understand from our research, it seems that this Plexr method is mostly used to raise the eyelids, so we can see you going from a Level 2 or even Level 1 to a full Level 3 double eyelid. But if it works by lifting instead of surgical incisions, it would theoretically be impossible to create Level 4 double eyelids with this technique. Nonetheless, it is also safer and has much less downtime. This non-surgical double eyelid technique is still very new in Singapore so it’s best you consult the doctor there for more info.