Double Eyelid Surgery Process In Singapore

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Understanding the double eyelid surgical process in Singapore

We know many of you will be interested in what goes on in an actual double eyelid surgery. On this page, we have collated information from various beauty blogs in Singapore to explain the process. We have also personally gone through these ourselves so we know exactly which facts are real and what is bullshit.

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Double eyelid surgery meaning

Most cosmetic procedures require a preparation step before you actually go under the knife and your surgery for double eyelids in Singapore is no different. Weigh the pros and cons and know the risks. Your surgeon will first create a temporary fold for you to see how you look like. He will then provide appropriate advice on what he thinks suits your face the most. Once you have selected your fold height, the surgeon will proceed to draw the markings. These markings will be used as a guideline to perform the incisions.

When that is done, you will go into the operating theater. Operating theaters are usually quite cold for some reason or another, but you’d be given a blanket to keep warm. It isn’t really necessary though, as you will soon be sedated and hardly feel a thing. Always choose a surgeon who doesn’t stinge on sedation – you don’t want to be awake during the procedure, TRUST ME – it can be traumatic!

The good thing about getting your double eyelid surgery done in Singapore is that it is neither performed under local nor general anaesthetic but on sedation. Sedation puts you in a semi-conscious, dreamy state where you feel no pain but with fewer side effects than most anaesthetics.

The next thing you know, you’d be awake in the operating theater and the surgery is over. Yes, it is that simple.

double eyelid surgery results

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What is double eyelid surgery recovery time?

You will be able to go straight home after the procedure as there is no need to stay overnight. We strongly recommend you arrange for someone to be there to accompany you or take your home. Why? Because they usually give you some eyedrops to soothe the eyes and it causes it to dilate a bit. Don’t try to drive. You’ll be groggy after the sedation.

And that’s about it. The process is pretty straightforward but make sure you get somebody with a good reputation. We recommend Dr Samuel Ho from Allure Plastic Surgery because double eyelids are one of his specialities. The scarless DST or TST double eyelid method is available there and he also does the cutting method. Read more about his double eyelid technique here. As you know, steady and gentle hands make all the difference in the world.  Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so choose a skilled and experienced surgeon – don’t just go for the cheapest price or you might end up living a nightmare.

Still got questions on the double eyelid surgery process in Singapore? Feel free to fire away in the comments section and we’ll be happy to provide answers! Alternatively, you can check this double eyelids surgery guide and the rest of the articles in our blog!