How high should your double eyelids be?

sophia chong before double eyelids

Double Eyelid Profiles

Everyone has a preferred double Eyelid profile which can be described in levels. It is important to know which profile suits you and what is your preferred double eyelid crease height.

Level 1 Profile (Single Eyelids)

Double eyelid profile 1

To make this easier, let’s call single eyelids Level 1, which is the lowest eyelid fold you can get. Single eyelids are generally considered a masculine feature, which is why male Korean celebrities often choose to skip the double eyelid surgery and keep their single eyelids. However, single eyelids can also work for females, giving off a very sultry, sexual appearance. Look at the models on the catwalk and be surprised at just how many of them have slit eyes.

Level 2 Double Eyelid Profile (Inner Double Eyelid)

Double eyelid profile 2

Going higher, we get what we call “nei shuang”, or inner double eyelids at Level 2. The fold is very low and mostly hidden but visible enough to turn the eyelashes outwards. This gives our eyes a much more lively and fresh look. It is also rather common in Singapore as “nei shuang” is a feature natural to Southeast Asians. Here are a few examples of celebrities with beautiful inner double eyelids, further proof that you don’t need extremely large eyes to look gorgeous.

Level 3 Profile (Full Singaporean Double Eyelids)

Double eyelid profile 3

At Level 3, we have the full double eyelid. This is the type of eyes associated with that sweet, innocent, girl-next door type school belle. The double eyelid can be clearly seen at the outer corners of our eyes and then slowly tapers in and joins the inner corner, forming a fold that nearly engulfs the complete upper eye. Once again, to show just how full double eyelids look like, we will use a few local celebrities as an example.

Level 4 Profile (Caucasian / Blogger Eyelids)

Double eyelid profile 4

Double eyelid profile 5

Finally, we have Level 4, or what we call the “blogger eyelid”. Notice from the picture above that the line of the fold never touches the corner of the inner eyes? This essentially creates a high fold and very large looking eyes. Be aware that this type of double eyelid profile is generally found only in people with Caucasian blood. It is possible for beautiful China women to get it, but very rare among Singaporeans. Hence, if you do choose to go for the Level 4, be aware that having such eyelids is a clear telltale sign that you’ve had plastic surgery done. Nonetheless, this gives off a very doll-like look and is a favourite among young bloggers and Thai performers in Singapore.

Decided on your double eyelids profile? Now find out more about the methods available.