Answers to double eyelid surgery and non-surgical alternatives

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Double Eyelids: Dominant or Recessive

The topic of eyelids seems to be quite intriguing to us, Singaporeans, the majority of whom struggle with the single lid type for years before we eventually go under the knife. Many Asians altogether aspire to have that additional crease which makes for a complete look. But we can’t “grow” one because, well, physical characteristics […]

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Double eyelids are a sought-after feature in Singapore.

Why? Because it makes the eyes look BIGGER, more expressive and soulful looking. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Hence, we Asians are always finding ways to enhance our eyes – be it via make-up, surgery, wearing big contact lenses or via eyelash extensions. If you want to learn more about the various methods and tricks to enhance your eyes, you’re in the right place!!

What is a double eyelids procedure?

Also called blepharoplasty, a plastic surgeon creates a fold in the upper eyelid to form a crease. This is done for people who have monolids or unsymmetrical eyelids or have light vague creases. There are 2 main methods to achieve this – either via a SCARLESS method or via a CUTTING method. In general, such techniques have improved greatly so that there are quicker recovery times and little to no pain (if the surgeon gives you sedation). An eyelid procedure gives natural looking and lasting results. i.e. you don’t need to rely on the eyelid stickers and makeup to have the big eye look.

But of course, not everyone may be ready to get the surgery done. It is a good idea to experiment with stickers and makeup first. Why? Because this helps you to understand what kind of crease you like, the profile, the shape, etc. All this will need to be communicated to the surgeon when you want surgery so…. always start by being sure its WHAT YOU WANT. Read more about getting a double eyelid procedure.

I have double eyelids… but I still want it BIGGER. What can I do?

Yep, we all know how it is.. its there but its just not BIG enough huh! Well, worry not, for there is also a procedure available for this. Its called epicantoplasty and it’s very commonly performed in Asia especially Korea. In fact, I think there’s hardly a K-pop star who HASN’T got this procedure done!

It involves widening the inside of the eyes, and sometimes also the outside corners of the eyes so that the eyes appear bigger and more expressive. This combined with contact lenses will give you the ultimate doll-eye look that so many of us desire. Find out more about getting an epicantoplasty.

Are there any non-invasive ways available?

Yes, there are. Though not as permanent as a surgery, there are TONS of tricks and an innovative minimally invasive procedure we’ve come across. Find out more here.

A double-eyelid is commonly believed to be a vital thing to looking beautiful as a Singaporean woman.

However, being of SE Asian descent, many of us in Singapore are often born without one. This has given rise to a sort of wild craze in Singapore where every girl seeks the Korean beauty ideal standard and tries all ways and means to get
double eyelids.

Cases of beautiful single eyelids

Having said that, we will go out on a leg and state here that the lack of double eyelids does not necessarily mean a girl isn’t beautiful. On the contrary, some girls simply look better without double eyelids than they do after get it.
The reason for that is because your eyes must not only look nice on their own but add to the overall appearance of your face as well. Men will usually be a better judge of this so don’t be shy, ask them for their honest opinion. You
might be surprised at their replies. Getting your double eyelids Nonetheless, for those of you who still believe that double eyelids can strongly enhance your appearance,

Read on for the various methods, tips and maybe even a secret or 2 about double eyelids in Singapore.

Various Double Eyelid Sizes

Comparing double eyelid heights in Singapore

  • Inner Double Eyelids – Natural and beautiful. Celebrities like Wong Li Lin are a good example.
  • Double Eyelids – The biggest eyes Singaporeans can get naturally.
  • Caucasian Eyelids – A favourite among bloggers and performers who want doll-like eyes.