Double Eyelid Surgery FAQ

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What is double eyelid surgery?

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Many of us have heard of it but not many of us know what it is. Double eyelid surgery is medically known as Upper Blepharoplasty and is used to correct any kind of defect or deformity of the eyelid. This serves as both a functional and cosmetic procedure. The surgery is conducted for many reasons; to remove excess skin from the eyelid, to tighten the surrounding support structures or to smooth out the eye muscles underneath. Another common reason this surgery is performed is to give a person another eyelid. This is especially done by the Asian community who typically have slit-like, mono lidded eyes. While there is nothing wrong with those eyes, many Asians choose the procedure to give their eyes a makeover; from small to the large doe-eyed look.

If you don’t know what procedure would achieve the results you are looking for, it is important to keep your desired outcome in mind. There is a variety of procedures to get different jobs done. You could do your own research or book a consultation session to see which procedure is able to help you achieve your vision.  If one of the previously mentioned outcomes is what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Double Eyelid Surgery: Commonly asked questions

It is natural to do research prior to any major surgery, everyone wants to get in the right mind-set and know what to expect.

What is the difference between a suture, a partial incisional and the incisional method?

The answer to that is the procedures vary from individual to individual and is based on their situation. Patients who want to get lower folds and have less fatty eyelids would be suited for the suture method as it makes minute incisions that cause little scarring. Incisional double eyelid surgery gives more defined results. This is because the scar is longer and often heals into a natural double eyelid crease.

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The longer scar is caused by the making of a longer incision. The longer incision is necessary as through it, the double eyelid can be better anchored, fat can be removed easily and the eye aperture can be enlarged through the tightening of muscles. The partial incisional methods usually result in shallow folds at both the inner and outer parts of the eyelid. While both the incision and scar are smaller, this can be risky as that means the access is shorter and control of the double eyelid is compromised.

What are the pros and cons regarding the incisional and non-incisional method?

With the non-incisional method, there is a lot less scarring as well as a lot less downtime being needed as fat was not removed and fat removal is the primary cause of swelling. The effects would also not last that long if it is performed on patients with heavy or fatter eyelids.

With the incisional method, a lot more swelling is to be expected as fat is removed. There will also be a scar that is visible during the first few stages of recovery. However, it will look like a natural double eyelid crease if the surgery was performed well. The results are also more reliable and will last.

What is the procedure for each method?

This is what happens during the non-incisional surgery:

  1. The height of the desired eyelid is marked
  2. Local anaesthesia is injected
  3. 3 minute punctures are made in the upper eyelid
  4. A stitch is passed through these sites to secure the skin to the cartilage underneath

This is what happens during the incisional surgery:

  1. The desired amount of skin to be removed and height is marked
  2. A light sedative is administered
  3. The excess fat preventing the anchoring of the double eyelid is removed
  4. If necessary, muscle tightening is performed
  5. Skin is attached to muscle and cartilage underneath

What defines a good surgical process?

Symmetrical results that do not show the scars when the eyes are both open or closed. The height of the eyelids should complement the person as a whole and the shape of the eyes should complement the face.

What can the procedure do to my eyes?

The answer to that is simply to give you bigger and brighter eyes. Double eyelid surgery can also remove excess skin that is causing hooding and it can make eyelids more symmetrical.

Will there be scarring and is there any way they can be removed?

The answer to that is yes, there will be scars. However, they usually heal well or if in the rare case they don’t, laser procedures can improve them.

Is there anything I need to do or change prior to my surgery?

The answer to that is to first stop smoking at least 2 weeks before as this slows down your healing. The second thing is to refer to a list of medication and supplements that should be avoided. You would also be requested to fast at least 6 hours prior to the procedure as you will be sedated.