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Today we have the opportunity to choose how to look to the smallest detail. Our eyes are an essential part of our appearance, and we pay them a lot of attention. No matter we can’t change permanently their ccolourwe can change their shape. In Asia, it is very popular to undergo double eyelid surgery because Asians have monolids. There are two types of Blepharoplasty — upper and lower. If you need both surgeries, then you should have double eyelid surgery. In our blog, you will find interesting reviews and details about this popular plastic surgery.

We have written down a real-life story and real opinions. If you are planning to undergo double eyelid surgery, our website will help you a lot. Have in mind that you should discuss with your surgeon every detail and not to trust completely to articles online. However, we have a useful section with questions and answers where you could find some materials and opinions, too. In addition, we have added an article on all the risks and considerations you should have in mind before undergoing it. Thank you for reading our blog.