Double Eyelid Stitching: A Real Life Story

Melody Yap and flowers

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore

Double Eyelid surgery is becoming commonplace these days, especially with greater acceptance of aesthetic surgery in Singapore. Despite so, many women (and even men!) who are keen on improving the look of their eyes are skeptical about the procedure. Does it hurt? Will there be hiccups causing irreversible damage? Will it look too fake?

The answers to these questions are both yes and no, depending on which surgeon you approach for your procedure. By today’s standards, double eyelid surgery is a relatively simple procedure, although great skill from the surgeon is needed to ensure you wake up with new beautiful eyelids.

If you don’t know anything about the procedure you could probably find helpful information here. But what better first-hand information than from an actual person reviewing the procedure? Blogger Melody Yap shares recent her experience at Allure Plastic Surgery here.

Like many others out there, Melody Yap did not like her single eyelids. In fact, she mentioned that she actually hated it. If you share her sentiment, you can probably agree with her decision to have double eyelids too.

See the vast difference before and after her surgery:

single eyelid + double eyelid

Melody’s double eyelid surgery review in Allure

For Melody, it all started with a consultation to seek professional advice on the procedure. She went to Dr Samuel from Allure Plastic Surgery and the key takeaway from the first consultation is that there are actually two types of cut and three different heights.

For cuts, you can opt to do either parallel or tapered. If you’re unaware, here is what they look like:

tapered parallel

For heights, there is the choice of low, medium and height.

types crease

Confused? So was Melody Yap and that is where having an experienced surgeon will probably help. Melody discussed at length with Dr Samuel regarding her makeup style and habits, as well as intended look. Dr Samuel then gave her recommendations based on his experience. Personally, we think it’s probably a good idea to heed his suggestion since he knows best about double eyelids.

In the end, she went for a high, tapered look. This is probably because it’s the most obvious.

post surgery day 0

Pre-operation preparation and double eyelid surgery results

Her pre-operation preparation was relatively simple. As she described, no food and water 2 hours before the procedure, and definitely no showering on the first day of surgery. You will have to shower before you show up. Obviously, no makeup is to be put on as well.

Right before the surgery, Melody was given a ‘final’ consultation where she has to confirm her decision. Of course, she would not change her mind but it is nice to know that you can backtrack and pick a different type and height if you so desire. Dr Samuel will run a simulation to project your look.

Surgery seemed to be a breeze for her, as she was sedated and pretty much felt and knew nothing about the surgery.  She did not mention how long the surgery took though.

Once Melody got up from her sedation, she was pretty much ready to go home. Expect some swollen and bruising eyes but it is normal after the surgery.

And it is done. Here are more pictures from her post:

post surgery day 4 post surgery girl

Finally,  you can check out her post on her blog here if you’re interested in the full version of her story.

So now that you have a first-hand experience of how a double eyelid surgery is like, will you try to go for it?