Double Eyelid Surgery Considerations

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Consider these carefully before opting for blepharoplasty in Singapore

These are considerations before opting for blepharoplasty in Singapore


Before going for your double eyelid surgery, we strongly recommend you test the various fold heights using the DIY home method first.

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This will give you a better idea of how high you want your fold to be. Note that the Level 4 “blogger fold” or “Thai fold” creates eyes that are not natural in Singaporean women and can be seen as a clear evidence of aesthetic surgery. So if you want to remain looking natural, we recommend you go for either Level 2 or a high Level 3.

Apart from the double eyelid height, eye length plays a big part in how beautiful you look. Generally, aim to make your eyes 1 eye-width apart. Here’s a picture to illustrate this better.


As such, since you are already going for a surgical procedure, it is worth considering epicantoplasty at the same time.

before and after an eyelid surgery

Epicantoplasty is a surgical process that cuts the inner eyes Mongolian fold area, resulting in longer and sexier look eyes. Male Korean celebrities might forgo the double eyelid surgery, but they almost always improve their looks with epicantoplasty.


As with all surgical procedures, blepharoplasty will have downtime. After around 1 week, the bruises will have healed enough for you to go out with a pair of sunglasses on. It takes around 4 weeks to get to the point where you can go out normally again. It is also ill-advised to wear contact lenses during the healing period so take all these into consideration. Plan your leave for work properly and you should be able to have a fuss-free double eyelid surgery. The common practice is to do it during your annual block leave, where 10 days is more than enough to be comfortable going back to work.

Costs & Risks

The cost of double eyelid surgery can vary according to where and who you go to. For instance, double eyelid surgery in Singapore can cost up to $4,000 or so if you go to big-name surgeon like Woffles Wu. Interestingly, it can also go down to as low as $500 if you do it in Thailand while South Korea might charge you around $1,500. So what should you go for?


Why do your Blepharoplasty in Singapore?

Personally, our advice is to always do your blepharoplasty in Singapore. We don’t want to sound biased but Singapore’s a renowned medical country for a reason. And that reason is because surgical procedures must always have follow-ups and might result in complications. Singapore has a world-class reputation when it comes to post-surgical care and surgeons are highly accountable here. That’s why if you can afford it, you should do your blepharoplasty in Singapore. If you’re based locally, it is also better to have your doctor close to you and easily accessible. In the event where you need immediate help, you know where to go and it won’t take you a flight(s) over the South China Sea.

Our personal recommendation for a double eyelid surgeon in Singapore is Dr Samuel Ho who practices at Allure Plastic Surgery. Quality wise, his surgical standards are among the very top surgeons in Singapore. A double eyelid procedure is generally affordable so why not go for the best and trusted surgeon? You basically get far more value for what you pay for.