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1. In stories about solar energy, readers need a handy comparison of power to something they immediately recognise.
The comparison we typically use is ‘how many 4-room HDB flats can X megawatts power?’
Here’s the answer once and for all –
Let’s say a 4-room HDB needs 4 kW of power – so 2 MW would power 500 such flats.
(We don’t really need to give the answer in terms of energy – i.e. how long these flats can be powered – because the appliances in the average 4-room flat draw on average 4 kW all the time.)
But how many people know or care how much electricity they consume, as long as the bill is not too large?

2. The Sundown Marathon took place on Saturday, and on Sunday Eugene Tay from Zeroaste SG asked this question:


They do realise it adds to the marine and terrestrial trash that the International Coastal Cleanups have to deal with, don’t they?