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links for the day, poo tracker/ v-day edition

Valentine’s Day is coming right up. To me that means half-price heart-shaped chocolates starting February 15. My sweet tooth spans the entire year and is not limited to a particular date or season, ergo it is wise to stock up on Feb 15 (until the day after Halloween, when fresher confectioneries are to be had).

1. Just in case you ever want to know where your poo goes after you flush. Ben Goldacre (of Bad Sciencedoes.

2. Who the frack irons bedsheets? This man’s wife does. We’re not entirely sure what the point of the piece is, as it is incoherent. Something about materialism? This essay, about unmarriage, is much better. Both, from a local men’s magazine, say a thing or two about the culture that is Singapore.

3. What would men do if they didn’t have to impress women? I don’t know. I am female and unimpressed by many of the hoops both straight men and women jump through to impress members of the opposite sex. I am, however, entertained by poo trackers.

4. And a fun game to apply to that whole notion is the fantastic Pop Evolutionary Psychology game, found here.