Full Incision Method

double eyelids

What is a Full-incision double eyelid surgery?

It refers to the technique of performing double eyelid surgery for patients with tick eyelid, severe ptosis or excess upper eyelid skin. This method is done by excising soft tissue, fixation placement of the lower eyelid structures such as the septum-levator complex, tarsal plate or the levator aponeurosis. This procedure is the opposite of the eyelid stitching and the non-incision method.

full incision double eyelid

What is the surgery procedure like?

Excessive muscle, fat and skin is removed through the full incision procedures. As this double-eyelid fold surgery reconfigures and removes the entire eyelid’s tissue, your surgeon extends the line of the eyelid past the last third of the eye so as to create a natural look.

double eyelid incision process

What can it treat?

It can treat thin lids or thick lids that have excess fat and skin that requires a larger incision. Thin eyelids can be treated with minimal incision method that has the benefit of almost no observable quicker and scarring recovery. Moreover, this procedure can also be done for both revisional and reconstructive eyelid surgery.

Is the result permanent

From most people’s experience, the result of this incisional Asian eyelid surgery is long lasting. The long-term appearance can be affected by a patient’s age as well as other environmental and medical factors. As with cosmetic surgery procedures, surgery revision may be necessary.