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Eyelid Surgery – Things You Should Know

Eyelid surgery is often the only way to permanently solve eye bags, circles under the eyes, and drooping eyelids. These conditions develop naturally with age, but various surgical procedures, known collectively as blepharoplasty, can resolve them quickly and in many cases permanently. The skin around the eye is especially delicate, making blepharoplasty a more difficult […]

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Bags Under Eyes

Medical Treatments Under-eye bags are generally a cosmetic issue and do not require medical treatment. Certain lifestyle changes and at-home remedies can reduce the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. However, there are medical (including surgical) treatments that can eliminate swelling if it is a significant concern to you. Keep in mind your treatment may […]

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Double Eyelids: Dominant or Recessive

The topic of eyelids seems to be quite intriguing to us, Singaporeans, the majority of whom struggle with the single lid type for years before we eventually go under the knife. Many Asians altogether aspire to have that additional crease which makes for a complete look. But we can’t “grow” one because, well, physical characteristics […]

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Ptosis Surgery – How to Save Cost

Ptosis Surgery – What is Ptosis? Ptosis is an eye condition described as the drooping of the upper eyelid, and can affect one or both eyes. Due to the obstruction caused by the drooping upper eyelid, part of an individual’s vision will be obstructed, preventing clear sight. In Singapore, ptosis is actually quite a common […]

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Double Eyelid Stitching: A Real Life Story

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore Double Eyelid surgery is becoming commonplace these days, especially with greater acceptance of aesthetic surgery in Singapore. Despite so, many women (and even men!) who are keen on improving the look of their eyes are skeptical about the procedure. Does it hurt? Will there be hiccups causing irreversible damage? Will […]

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